Bitcoin earn 10 ways to get Bitcoins

The Bitcoin price rises and rises – and hence the interest in Bitcoin. However, the later the entry into the digital currency, is the more expensive of these. For a Bitcoin now costs significantly more than an ounce of Gold. We show 10 ways that Bitcoins can be earned.

Bitcoins earn: requirements

Bitcoin-Know-how: how!

The first requirement, in order to get Bitcoin, the most Important thing: A certain amount of Know-how. What is Bitcoin and how Bitcoin works? About bitcoins well written here. Bitcoin or other digital currencies carry a high risk and trade with Bitcoin can lead to the total loss of the invested capital.

Also is often read of hacker attacks on various platforms, which are stolen and deposited Bitcoins. Here it is, according to hedge-and common sense-to go to the matter. Because one thing is for sure: they All want only your Best: Your Bitcoins!

Bitcoin Wallet: a Bitcoin wallet

The second requirement is to collect the first digital Coins, is a own Bitcoin Wallet. For beginners, we recommend Coinbase. This Web-Wallet is easy to set up and has some security standards. An Alternative Web-Wallet with high security measures In order to secure the Bitcoins in the long term, and completely self-sufficient, a Hardware Wallet like Ledger or Trezor.

Bitcoins: Bitcoins earns you Bitcoins

Although Bitcoins do not generate new values, unlike, for example, share, but l?stt with Bitcoins earn money. However, with Bitcoins new Bitcoins can be generated – and often much easier and more profitable than if you get complete without Bitcoins. If you have no Bitcoins, there are still one or the other way to make a first Bitcoins in the small but also in the larger style.

At a glance: Bitcoins earn

The following 10 ways to earn Bitcoins. Some of them are already Bitcoins are needed in order to earn more Bitcoins.

  • Bitcoin Faucet
  • Micro Jobs: tasks for Bitcoins solve
  • Bitcoin-Mining
  • Trading with crypto currencies**
  • Lombard Loans **
  • Peer-to-Peer loans **
  • Casino Loans**
  • Bitcoins as a payment method to use
  • Affiliate Marketing: self-employed with Bitcoin
  • Tips / donations: more values, and a tip to get money

** Earn with these possibilities, Bitcoins to bitcoin as a bet.

Big gains possible

This provocative Heading, we have chosen an extra, so that the following lines are read: as a General rule, there is the opportunity to earn a large amount of Bitcoins, however, this means a lot of work to have a high risk or already a lot of Bitcoins. Sometimes all three or at least two points are even a prerequisite.

Big profits and quick money = caution!

Deals that promise great rewards, and fast cash, bergen is usually a large risk, or are often even “Scam” (“fraud”) pages. As already written, always act with common sense and not by their own greed.

However, with hard work Bitcoins you can earn. Many bloggers are earning now with the digital currency, their bread and the famous “do you Like my performance, buy me a beer”principle is implemented more frequently than Bitcoin donate button.

1. Bitcoin earn tip: Free Bitcoins using Bitcoin Faucets get

On some platforms, real Bitcoins are promised – free of charge – you only need to be collected.

“The Bitcoins are simply on the road and need only to be collected”.

Bitcoin Faucets offer every couple of seconds, a small amount of Bitcoins, which must then be collected.

But why Bitcoins are given away?

Quite simply, The platforms are not charitable associations,, the poor Internet users to donate money. With the promise of free Bitcoins to earn a lot of customers are attracted.

The main objective of this platform is to generate as many customers as possible – and thus Traffic on their platforms. The platforms are full of banners with which these platforms are financed loaded with advertising. The more customers want to collect free Bitcoins, the more advertising revenue can be generated.

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Another goal is to keep the Bitcoin collector for as long as possible routes on the platform, and as many sites as possible with different Offers.

We have tried a few Bitcoin Faucets, and some promise more than they can deliver, but there are also platforms that pay reliable. Particularly well and Moon Bitcoin like. This platform has paid out over the course of several weeks, all of the Satoshi (smallest Bitcoin unit) reliable, so that we have more to 10,000 Satoshi in a few weeks.

Our tip earn free bitcoin by Faucet

The easiest way to earn Bitcoins with the Web-Wallet Xapo. Because some of the providers offer a direct payout, the Bitcoins will be deposited in a few seconds. In addition, Xapo is a secure and popular Bitcoin-Wallet as soon as we had a certain amount together, we have transferred the balance on our Coinbase Wallet. This has everything to run smoothly.

  1. Web-Wallet with Xapo to create. Here is a extra Wallet with your own E-Mail address is recommended, just to earn Bitcoins.
  2. One of the following provider call.
  3. E-Mail address that you enter in Xapo account and the Captcha solve.
  4. Bitcoins will be credited within a few seconds

Our results: Within 30 minutes of 7 payouts in the amount of 476 Satoshi with Xapo-Faucet-providers. Within 60 minutes, we have managed over 1,000 Satoshi (=0.00001 BTC) to collect.

Our free Bitcoin-favorite: moon bitcoin

The Bitcoins will be directly credited to the Xapo Wallet and without additional registration. In our Test, this works very well. In addition, the Free bitcoin with moon bitcoin to grow with time.

The longer you up to a withdrawal of the reward is, the higher. At the latest after 5 minutes, but can be re-collected new Bitcoins. Even without a Web Wallet at Xapo can be earned in moon bitcoin free Satoshi. However, this will be paid weekly – Saturday and / or Sunday.

Free Bitcoin Faucet: Goldcoinjar

Also Goldcoinjar writes within a few seconds Bitcoins. For this purpose, a Xapo-Web also, you will need Wallet.


Xapo Faucet

Even easier to earn with the Xapo Bitcoin Wallet, Bitcoins, Faucet is the Xapo. Just the Xapo E-Mail address, a small mathematical puzzle-solving (“4-2 = 2”) and 100 Satoshi will be credited.

2. Bitcoin earn tip: micro jobs: tasks for Bitcoins solve


Similar to Bitcoin Faucets can be earned with Micro Jobs without any use of simple first Bitcoins. Doing small tasks for a certain amount of Bitcoin to be done-pay.

On CoinWorker Bitcoins can be used to Solve analytical tasks deserves. For this purpose, a user account is necessary.

On Ads4BTC can be earned by Watching advertisements and Visit websites for Bitcoins. Depending on how long an advertisement is displayed, the more Bitcoins can be collected. For a 20 seconds advertisement, there are currently 50 Satoshi (= 0,00000050 BTC). A 10 seconds advertising is still 32 Satoshi (0.00000032 BTC), a 5 seconds ads at least 20 Satoshi (0.00000020 BTC).

There are always other Bitcoin micro job portals, but just as quickly as a new Portal opens the door to also makes. Here, it is worth it to search for Bitcoin micro job portals, on Google, however, should be transmitted always, when possible, is always the earned Bitcoins to their own Wallet.

3. Bitcoin earn tip: Bitcoin Mining

With Mining, you referred to to create the process new Bitcoins or Altcoins. The analogy of mining is used because of the Similarity to the gold mine. This is not, however, dug in the earth, but with computers, math problems solved. In principle, for Bitcoin Mining of any Computer – even small self-built Raspberry Pi be used for Bitcoin Mining, but also the home computer can mine Bitcoins.

Due to the complexity of the mathematical problems, it is now very difficult to mine yourself Bitcoins. In particular, the high price of Electricity in Germany makes the profitable Mining of Bitcoins is almost impossible. Who would, however, rather for the fun of it, bitcoin mines, should do so in a Mining Pool.

Because here are the mined Coins are on all the participants proportionally divided, but the Chance is much greater to obtain some Bitcoins. Miner gate provides a Software, in just a few minutes with Bitcoin-Mining can be started.

One more way to earn by Mining Bitcoins, Cloud Mining is. The principle is very simple: Instead of themselves, Mining to purchase Equipment and operate the computing capacity is hired in the Cloud, or in some cases even bought. The cloud providers provide the infrastructure for this is available and operate the Miner.

In the case of a lease the operation is usually directly included, should be purchased computing capacity, the cloud provider is a part of the newly mined Bitcoins. Thus, no separate Hardware needs to be procured and operated. Providers such as Genesis Mining or

are a reputable and large provider of Cloud Mining.

4. Bitcoin earn tip: Trading with crypto-currencies

Note: This way to earn Bitcoins involves high risks and is suitable only for experienced traders! In addition, already Bitcoins for the investment needed.

Trading with Bitcoins involves high risks, but high chances. In this case, the Trading is not to compare with normal gambling. Because with good investment strategies, domain Knowledge, or Trading Bots a lot of money to be made. Particularly worth mentioning is, three Trading strategies:

– Arbitrage Trading
– Trading Bots
– Experienced traders follow

With Arbitrage trading the currency difference between different crypto-currencies can be exploited but also between different trading venues.

For example, At trade place A the Bitcoin Euro price is cheaper than trading venue b. Then is it worth it to buy with euros Bitcoins to trade place A, to transfer the Bitcoins to trading center B, and then again against the Euro to exchange, which can ultimately be exchanged in the trading place A exchange for Bitcoins. Also important is the transaction fee and trading place fees in the calculation to be included.

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With Trading Bots certain trade can run strategies automatically. This means that the Bot buys automatically Bitcoins and sold, when a particular programmed Signal is detected. Meanwhile, there are many Trading Bots that can be purchased or rented. Many of them are fraud-Bots, which generate no real profit. Here, too, a lot of Know-how is important.

The third Trading strategy is, especially for less experienced traders interesting. Because here, follow experienced traders and their trading strategies. Each self can decide which traders to you, here, one chooses, of course, the most successful. A well-known Social Trading platform with Bitcoins and other crypto-eToro*is currencies.

5. Bitcoin tip: Lombard credit earn

On the cryptocurrency exchanges, Poloniex and Bitfinex for Margin Trading, digital capital can be deployed. With this type of loan is the own digital Coins can be awarded for a short period of time. This is a Form of the effect Lombard loan, a loan for pre-financing of the loan transactions (Margin Trading).

This means that the Trader can take on the cryptocurrency exchanges that wish to speculate on Margin-Trading on digital currencies a loan. Thus, it is possible, for example with a bet of five Bitcoins (security) with a total of ten Bitcoins to trade. This means that the remaining five Bitcoins from other Bitcoin owners to be borrowed. Thus, the very speculative trading with leverage is possible.

However, the money is not provided, as is the case with many loan stores, classic from banks or credit institutions, but by users of the exchanges. For providing the effect Lombard credit interest of up to 180% per year, the highest rate we had been experiencing) paid to (.

The interest will be calculated on a daily basis, so if you have a current interest rate of 0,0270% for the Lend of a Bitcoin per day of the yield 0,00027 Bitcoins. This would highly correspond to the expected to the year a rate of almost 10%. Usually, the interest rate is between 5% – 10% annually. However, there are also times with very high interest rates income, of over 180%. However, interest of 180% per year, rarely, and mostly in the short, volatile times.

Here, too, the Invest of bitcoin is not without risks. In certain situations, it may happen that the loans are not paid back.
The main risks to the lending of Bitcoins or other digital currencies on Poloniex or Bitfinex:

  • The exchange files for bankruptcy. This is not particularly far-fetched, because in the last years, a number of crypto exchanges, insolvency had to sign up.
  • The dealer, the money is borrowed, it loses all its funds and can not pay back the loan. In order for this not to occur, the stock exchanges use a “Safeguard”, a security lock, so that the open loan is closed before the event of the insolvency of the Traders in a timely manner. However, this is not guaranteed 100%, so that under certain circumstances, the Safeguard can not grab.
  • The currency, which has awarded itself, loses value quickly. During the term of the loan it is not get out is possible from the currency and sell it yourself. Thus, one has possibly to the term of the loan a worthless Cryptocurrency.

These three risks at first glance, the most obvious, the main risks are. The list can be incomplete and risks are missing. That’s why when you Invest in crypto-currencies always extreme caution should be enjoyed.

6. Bitcoin tip: Peer-to-Peer loans earn

One of the great innovations of Cryptocurrencies is the Lack of the big banks. But who gives then Bitcoins? The User! And this is precisely the principle of Peer-to-Peer loans. On different platforms users can give other users worldwide, loans on bitcoin basis. All payments are running on the Blockchain of Bitcoin.

Borrowers give their applications with a certain credit amount. If the loan enters into force and meet the lenders are found, the money will be paid in Bitcoin.

The interest rates are obviously mostly in the double digits – which of course reflects the risk of the loan. Because the failure rate of loans is between 10-20%. A credit should the Dunning process is assumed to fail frequently from the platforms.

One of the largest Peer-to-Peer lending platforms is Bitbond. The Berlin-based Startup handles worldwide credit requests and has since 2016 a license from the German banking supervision BaFin as investment intermediaries.

7. Bitcoin tip: Casino credit earn

Online Casinos there are now as the Sand of the sea, and a rule in all Casinos is that The Bank always wins. However, in which Casino, you can sit on the bench? Bitcoin Casinos make this possible: In contrast to other Casinos that can be played only against the Bank but also the Bank.

In order for an Online Casino to be operated, requires a certain amount of capital on hand. Because if many players have a lucky streak, must be able to pay the Casino the winning money also. Bitcoin Casinos get often the necessary capital often by the users of the Casinos.

This means that each user can give the Casino money and, thus, part of the casino. And each user can automatically win with the Casino. Because of the capital employed, the user gets a part of the House Edge. In Megadice half of the house edge is paid out to the investor. In the case of the dice game these are, therefore, to 0.95%.

Also, the Bank has risks!

Of course, not rely on the Bank to, without the risks. One of the biggest risks may be that the Bank closes and the capital employed, the user disappears. The Megadice operator to do this even as a risk and take even a little on the shovel:

„F?r die Betreiber von Satoshi Dice kann sterben, verliert Ihr den privaten Schl?ssel, gehackt, oder einfach verschwinden, mit der bitcoins..“

In addition, it may be that some of the players have a streak of Winning high payouts. Then the Bank must pay off your assets are the players, what can reduce the self-invested capital significantly. Large providers of capital in this period, then, of course, the winning House Edge is divided among all the investors. Thus, it can take much longer to generate the Bitcoins are lost.

8. Bitcoin earn tip: Bitcoins as a payment method to use

To earn another way, bitcoin is, itself offer Goods or services and accept Bitcoin as payment. Of course, this means that a business, a private trade, a service or a product is built or created.

However, digital products such as useful guides, Tutorials, eBooks, webinars, etc. very easy to create. The consumers of this target group with an affinity for alternative payment methods, such as crypto are often in currencies.

SEO website promotion and internal search engine optimization

For the own Shop, but also for Bars and Restaurants, and providers such as Coinify to offer complete POS solutions. Often this is also cheaper in the engagement and the fees as a number of methods, such as VISA or MasterCard.

9. Bitcoin tip: Affiliate Marketing earn: self-employed with Bitcoin

One more way to earn Bitcoins is Affiliate Marketing. For this purpose you need a website, Forum, Youtube, or Facebook group. A theme start, for example, to “Bitcoins” and give your readers an interesting added value. Certain products and services are then advertised on the site and the users explained. A user clicks on the Affiliate Link, a certain amount of Commission will be credited.

10. Bitcoin earn tip: a tip / donation: more values, and a tip to get money

Our last option, how Bitcoins can be earned via tips or donations. Set your Wallet address or a QR-Code with your donations account to your website. However it should not be necessarily created a separate Wallet is used only for donation or gratuity.

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